Jarrod Mullen - Kick Like a Pro Series

A good Kicking Game in Rugby League is arguably the most important aspect of the game. It can build pressure or it can swing momentum in your favour. One Kick could change the entire game.

For example you can have 5 ordinary "tackles/plays" but then on the last tackle get a repeat set or score a try from a good kick, which then turns it into a good or great set.

On the other hand you can have 5 great "tackles/plays" make line breaks etc. then on the last tackle you kick it out on the full or kick it dead in goal. BY doing this all the pressure is off the opposition so then turns it into a bad set.

Andrew Johns once told me when I was 16 years old which I still remember to this day

"A good kick can turn a bad set into a good set, and a bad kick can turn a good set in a bad one"

Andrew Johns

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