CoachAi Digital Coaching Platform

The future of Rugby League Coaching is here.

At Coachai we understand the challenges faced by junior coaches at a community level and have designed the platform to assist all coaches regardless of their experience level. One of the key components of coaching at any level is preparation and for those volunteers that have little or no time to prepare, quality tailored sessions can be difficult! Not to mention the challenge of what should I be focusing on with the age group I am coaching etc.

Here at Coachai we are dedicated to helping coaches at the community club level enhance their overall coaching experience while also developing not only as a coach but also helping their young people develop key fundamental Rugby League skills.

The Coachai team is made up of professional coaches who have worked and currently work across all levels of the game including the NRL, Junior Representative Level, Senior and Junior Community Rugby League, Coordinated Coaching clinics, One on One personal training and have a combined experience of more than 50 years coaching and training in Rugby League.

The platform has 100's of Drills designed and tailored to each age group and skill level, which can be viewed in the pre-planned sessions provided or by using our session creator tool to create your own sessions using the large Drill Bank available.

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